DZD8 Salty Caramel Balls 25mg


DZD8 packs a punch! These aren’t your grandma’s caramels. These are DZ Delta 8 Caramel delights! Each caramel ball contains approximately 25mgs of gourmet chocolate infused delta 8. There are approximately 10 balls per bag. They are a little salty, but great to suck on!

Eat a half a piece to one whole piece at a time. Give at least an hour before activation starts. We do not recommend eating the whole bag, no matter how yummy they are!

Keep away from children. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while enjoying these treats. Enjoy responsibly!

Must be 21 to purchase. 



DZD8 Salty Caramel Balls 25mg

DZD8 Salty Caramel Balls 25mg offer a next-level confectionery experience. Ten delicious natural milk chocolate balls encapsulating soft melty caramel with a salty crunch at the end will have you struggling to eat just one! They are handcrafted and made from all-natural chocolate and caramel. Delivering 25mg of D8 per piece, they make a great dessert, or nightcap to enjoy at the end of a hard day.

Use caution while taking this product.

Ingredients: Milk chocolate: Sugar, Cocoa butter, Whole milk powder, Cacoa, Soy lecithin

Caramel filling: Corn syrup, Butter, Sugar, Hydrogenated coconut oil, Fructose, Milk, Emulsifier (Mono and Diglycerides, Soy lecithin), Salt, Natural and artificial flavor, TBHQ (Preservative), Citric acid (Preservative)

Note: Must be 21 or over to purchase this product. ID verification is required for in-store and online sales. Do not drive a motor vehicle nor operate heavy machinery while using this product. Keep away from children and pets. Consult a healthcare professional for any health concerns before using this product.